Families are great!

A BIG Happy Birthday shout out to my sister today! She is 29 today and only gets better with age!
My boyfriend, Stuart, and I have made her a birthday dinner...you tell me what you think!

Turkey burgers - spiced with taco seasoning, onions, garlic, cheese, and yes...kale!
Fresh whole wheat buns

Green beans with a little butter, salt and pepper

Greek salad with feta cheese and gourmet green olives!

For dessert we are serving chocolate cake with chocolate vanilla icing with toffee bits on top! ... have not tasted this yet but looks delicious...good thing I went to the gym.

While I love to cook it is always fun to cook a special meal for someone with their favourite foods. It is a great way to celebrate big days and show someone how much you love them. 

What are you cooking tonight?
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