Hello iPad!

A few weeks ago I had one of the best weeks...well it seems like each week lately has been great...but this was a special week.

I won an iPad! Now I feel a little reluctant to admit that I like Apple. One of my hesitations is I think they are going to rule the world at some point...and I didn't buy their stock at $90.00 two years ago! (what was I thinking). Did you know Apple traded today $352.38.  

However, after filling out a survey for a new website www.kyfa.com I was the lucky iPad winner. Today I received it! Can't wait to give into my scrabble addiction and download some ebooks. 

If anyone has any helpful tips and or gadgets for the iPad I'd love to hear them.

Lynne Robson from http://acrazychameleon.com/ sent me this link for iPad cover's and cases... which looks to be now on my wish list! 

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