The Starbucks allure...

On Monday I listened to a fantastic speech in my Toastmasters club on the allure of Starbucks and how they have crafted such a big brand. Having recently shed the "starbucks coffee" wording on their logo and just stuck to the "siren" has to make you wonder. What are they going to create now? There have been rumors that they are wanting to get away from particularly "coffee" and offer other things...such as beer in their stores. Makes sense!

I wondered...what is the allure to Starbucks? Some would say that their coffee is not the why is that every time I drive past Southpointe Starbucks (in Surrey BC) there is a huge line up (in both the drive through and walk in)?

For me Starbucks is a treat. It is a warm fuzzy feeling of comfort and love. Why? When I was a child and went with my mom on errands she would always treat us to a Starbucks drink. As kids we would order tea or hot chocolate, and as we got older, we ordered mocha's or chai latte's. When I was at the University of Calgary and missing my home, I always found warm feelings at the local Starbucks. 

In the book, The Starbucks Experience by Joseph A. Michelli, he writes that there are "5 principles to turning ordinary into extraordinary" and I wanted to share them with you all:

1. Make it Your Own:
- be welcoming, be genuine, be considerate, be knowledgeable, be involved 

2. Everything Matters
- important to take care of the unseen aspects of your business as well as the customer facing aspects of your business

3. Surprise and Delight
- keep these natural and spontaneous not forced and does not have to be big can be simple too.

4. Embrace Resistance
- embracing feedback/criticism creates longer lasting customers and loyalty even within your staff

5. Leave your Mark
- social involvement is integral

These are great tips! I'm sure this is why there is such a large allure! 
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