I LOVE soccer!

I think soccer is one of the best sports to play! I started playing soccer when I was 13, which is pretty late for many kids, but I instantly loved it! I loved the skill, the ability to think on your feet as to where the ball should be played, and I loved the exercise.

For the past two years I have been coaching spring soccer for the semiahmoo girls soccer association. My whole goal as a coach was to show these girls that they're strong, their capable, and to have fun! Sometimes that might mean letting the girls play in spots you don't think they should, or letting them run amok at practice. That's what I told myself at least!

Now as I grow older, I continue to play soccer. I continue to build my skills, and I keep my fitness level up too. It's a win win!

If you want more information about soccer send me an email or shoot me a post!

Cheers and happy kicking!
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