Good to GREAT

I’m reading the book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

In the beginning they talk a lot about how GREAT companies are run by level 5 leaders. A level 5 leader is someone who has an incredible ferocious drive to see the company succeed far ahead of their own personal success. This is done through character traits that are almost paradoxical: Humility and will. A level 5 leader is someone who is often found within the company…not from outside the company, which I think we often assume.

Here is my question…if you want to be GREAT…where do you learn the skills to be a level 5 leader? Is it an innate talent or can you learn these skills?

I believe it is a bit of both. I believe that Leadership is about your attitude, your personality, your drive…I also think you can learn the skills on what it takes to be a leader…and learn to enjoy it.

I think for those new to business that want to be a GREAT Level 5 leaders in their business and industry – learning some of these skills can be done at Toastmasters! It is not just a public speaking club- it is also about leadership!

Check out your local toastmasters club today…or come be a visitor at ours…
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