Los Cerritos in Todos Santos (Baja Mexico)

One highlight of my trip to Cabo San Lucas, had to be our drive to Playa Los Cerritos in Mexico.

If you want to get out of the tourist city of Cabo and venture into an artistic surf colony…you are reading about the right spot! You’ll need a car to drive there as the roads are long, windy, and there is currently construction, which makes for a bumpy ride. In about 2 hours you will find yourself on a great beach, with access to a restaurant (for lunch, water, beer, and of course, sun umbrellas!). There is a place to rent surfboards, and boogie boards for your enjoyment in the water. As the water was really cold when we were there I’d recommend a wet suit to keep you warm and the hot sun off your body!

You will have minimal beach sellers (just a few) and lots of time to relax. We happened to be there during a bigger swell in the waves and happened to see 4 dolphins surfing… It was incredible to watch the dolphins completely jump out of the water. I’ve never seen that before!

We enjoyed nacho’s and beer at the local restaurant where the servers are fast and very friendly. They will help you find the great spots in the area to check out. The sun here is hot so if you are fair skinned like me, be sure to have on a good sunscreen and shade!

Check out the following website for more information if you’d like to travel there in the future… www.cerritosbcs.com

I highly recommend Los Cerritos in Todos Santos (2 hour drive outside Cabo San Lucas)
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