Slugs in our garden! ...our epic war...

Slugs can be quite a pesky insect if you are trying to grow a vegetable garden. Not all slugs are pests, many are quite important to the decaying of vegetable material. Some species do eat living plant matter.

They often like to snack on your'll see holes starting with the leaves and can easily demolish a whole plant especially if it is in it's early stages.

Recently we have waged an epic war against these slimy creatures to try and combat their carnage to our baby seedlings.

Did you know that there are crystal-like balls that you may find in your garden that are actually baby slug eggs...which can be thousand slug eggs within the crystal-like ball. If you see these be sure to take them out of your garden.

Here are a few remedies that have helped us recently:

Copper wire surrounding the garden - supposedly slugs do not like copper and will not go across it to your garden.
** what we did wrong... we lined only the front and side enclosures of our garden with the slimy creatures have been going up the fence and around the copper to get into our cucumber plants! Make sure you enclose the whole garden with copper or your plant bed with copper.
***This does not kill the slugs but only deters them from coming into your garden.

Yeast, honey, and water:
- mix 2 teaspoons yeast with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 cup of water. Put in shallow bowls in a few different spots in your garden. The slugs will climb up the bowl and into your mixture. This will kill them as once they enter they will drown.
** this will not kill all the slugs but it will drastically lower the amount you have... you can keep this mixture for about 2 days and then change the mixture for a new one.

Good luck and don't let those slimy guys get the best of your vegetable garden!
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