Soccer Bruising and Arnica Relief!

Hi Friends...Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! Wow did I have a great and busy week...from birthdays, to 50th surprise parties, to Canucks Playoffs, to new born babies and fundraisers...this week has been a busy one!

All the more reason I have been ready for soccer when game time comes around. Last night we had a late game in Cloverdale and played a hard team. They were good players but they were also tough...cough...dirty....cough players too! So after the game I have a bruised toe, bruised knee with cleat marks and a bruised shin (I thought soccer players were covered with shin guards). So here I am today in a lot of pain due to these bruises...what to do!?

After just experiencing a bruised toenail that fell off...i am trying to salvage my other one...

About 6 months ago I purchased an all natural topical Arnica ointment from a good friend of mine, Marishu, the owner of With Purpose Wellness Centre in Cloverdale. She gave me some great advice and recommended Arnica due to its healing properties. It helps heal bruises and prevent any further complications or sensitivity happen due to the original injury...and it's all natural! This is great news as not only does bruising look bad during the also hurts and it is so nice to use all natural products.

So since 4pm today I have been applying Arnica on my bruises and I'll give everyone the update as the days go by as to the progress.

Here's hoping that by this Sunday my bruising will be down for my next game!
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