Are you in the Summer Doldrums?

Recently I have found our office starting to become much much quieter! Usually in the summertime most families are off with their children on holidays, or are enjoying the weather golfing and having fun.

It got me thinking?.... Are you in the summer doldrums? Are you feeling less motivated to get your butt to work....or to stay long hours to finish your projects/goals? Or are you day dreaming about your next holiday or what you plan to make for dinner on the BBQ with your cold beer?

Here's some pointers I saw recently that are great tips to keep you motivated and growing your business EVEN in the summer :)

Surround yourself with motivated people. Most successful people are self motivated...they have to be, or they won't make any money. Often those we surround ourselves with, we inevitably copy or mimic their successful is if you can shadow or watch a successful self motivator, I suspect it will motivate you to get going!

Get rid of the NEGATIVE people or things around you. Positivity is is negativity. Do you have someone speaking into your life that is taking the wind out of your sails? If these people are close to you (mother/husband/sibling)...just limit your exposure and time with them. Limit your time talking about work. The less negativity...the more motivation will stick around!

Get away from your business when you are stuck in a rut! If you feel like you are stuck and just can't go any further...often these are great times to step away. Go do something you LOVE and again that time away and positive light will bring many gifts to you, you probably would not have seen otherwise! A friend of mine, Art, says he goes to the movies in broad daylight and comes out feeling refreshed and renewed! Try it... see how you feel...

Try some of these tips and let me know how it goes!

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily".
Zig Ziglar
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