Golf...Fun or Frustrating?

I love golf! Do you?

I started playing golf as a child and had such a fun time. My parents would usually take my brother, my sister, and I out...they would offer us treats, pop, and sometimes give us money if we did well - if we out drove them or if we parred a hole. I developed a love for the game at a young age.In those circumstances, how could I not! I was, and I still am today impressed with the level of confidence and "mind-power" it takes to play golf well and enjoy it. Don't you agree?

Often I will get extremely frustrated and down on myself for not playing well. It is so funny how this quickly ruins your game...if you let it! I realized I had to stop this behaviour or I would never want to play golf again.

Do you think that it takes awhile to realize this? Do you have to be a certain person, with a certain attitude to enjoy golf? I went to the driving range today with my boyfriend. Stuart is definitely NOT a golfer... and he was frustrated very quickly. It was hard for him to duff a ball 10 feet away and then look back and see his girlfriend and his best friend hitting our golf balls well. The positive side is that his swing is really great, and when he connects, man does that ball go flying! I hope that I can inspire him to golf more and sooner than later he will have a great shot and feel the FUN of golf!!

How did you start?
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