I Heart Yoga

I’m sure by now you’ve realized that I love yoga!

I have been practicing yoga for about 9 years. Sometimes I will practice 3 x a week, and I have gone as long as about 6 months with no yoga (I highly recommend against this). When I started yoga I really got into it! I had a great teacher, Dan Clement and Dawn (forget her last name) in White Rock that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of yoga. I was hooked. My mom had hooked not just me, but my sister as well, Lauren Roegele.

I was “hooked” because I started to feel aligned every time I practiced yoga. Not only did my body feel great…but my mind felt great too. The saying body, mind, soul is true! I started to feel more grounded, lighter, and happier. For me, there is a sense of accomplishment in yoga, even if I don’t accomplish anything, I will calm my body and mind and my stresses float away.

My sister says she got “hooked” on yoga because it was the only exercise she could do at the time that didn’t hurt her (she was recovering from a life threatening injury). This transformation in her life was incredible to watch (and it is still incredible). She started to do yoga every day, even in the basement with her friends and her healing increased 10 fold!

Now a days, I crave yoga just like I would crave a hot cup of coffee, or a yummy piece of chocolate.

It’s Thursday and I just came back from my sisters class (6:30pm) at her studio Muddy Roots located on Hazelemere Organics and I feel amazing!

I heart yoga! Do you?

Check out the latest craze...paddleboard yoga! LOL
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