Summer Iced Raspberry Ginger Tea! DELICIOUS!

Now that we can officially say Summer is here in Surrey, BC...I find myself eating less and drinking more! My boyfriend and I often make homemade ice tea because it is delicious and hits those cravings without having to drink lots of calories.

We use Rooibas tea... it tastes delicious and Rooibas actually has the same, if not more, antioxidants than Green tea... without the caffeine! We use fresh ginger because ginger is very powerful at helping your digestive system. To many people ginger is considered one of the best ingredients to cook with everyday!

Steep your favourite Raspberry Rooibas Tea (if loose leaf use 1 tablespoon) in a full tea pot.
* We get ours from Angelic Teapot on White Rock Beach! *
Let it steep for 10 mins or so.
Add 1/2 cup of your Ginger tea (to make ginger tea- cut up fresh ginger root into small slices and boil in a pot for 15 mins).
Now add 1/2 fresh lemon and squeeze the juice into your tea.

Let it cool - add ice cubes - you can even add fresh mint if you like (to taste).

If you like your iced tea sweet - try alternatives like fresh local honey or agave nectar. These are great alternatives to sugar and don't spike your blood sugar quite as much.

This makes for a thirst quenching drink on a hot summers day!!

Try it and let me know what you think!
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