Words of Wisdom - Business Success Tips from BNI

Words of Wisdom from my BNI chapter...

Many of you know I love to network…I enjoy the opportunity to meet other business owners and help others grow their businesses!

The other day I was listening to a great presentation at our BNI networking chapter. The presenter spoke about 10 habits of successful business people. I thought I would share the first 5 with you and share the other 5 in my next blog post…

1. Strong belief system: Believe you will succeed!
There are MANY spiritual teachers that encourage you to THINK positively and gratefully. Why? To focus on the positives so that through the law of attraction more positive experiences will naturally attract to you! TRY it :)

2. Display your courage: Courage to stand a lone and look inward… do what others do not and when you mess up- take ownership, look at yourself, and grow from those mistakes. Honesty (to yourself) is the best policy.

3. Love your customers! : People are the most important part of any business...so how much do you truly love them? Do you show it? Consider how you can show your customers just how much you love them...it doesn't have to be monetarily!

4. Keep Score: Numbers don’t lie! When you are new to business it is easy to FORGET about the numbers because there isn't much there. Start early! Get in the habit to watch your cash flow, profit margins, hourly rate, etc. This is forming exceptional habits that will go with you in all business aspects of your life. If you are a grown business - it's a reminder to keep track of your numbers...they don't lie!

5. Persistence and Perseverance - How often do you give up? How relentless are you with your goals? How badly do you want to succeed? Persistence and perseverance are traits that will take you a long way. It doesn't mean you have to "hound" that potential client...it means you don't give up or back down on your goals and your vision. Stay the course!

I hope you enjoyed the first 5...I know I did. I will post the next 5 tomorrow...stay tuned for more business success tips!
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