You are worthy of "me" time!

Check out my sister's guest blog post about keeping "me" time in your life! Read her Bio below to find out more about Lauren Roegele (my amazing sister)!!!

You are worthy of “ME” time

After I had my daughter Stella, (2 years ago) my mom told me that it’s vital as a new mom to set time for me, if not every day at least a few times a week. I was great at making time for myself before Stella arrived so I nodded my head and agreed when she said this. 2 years later I sit here longing to remind everyone of this simple task.

Not only do I have an active 2 year old daughter, but I have a full time work schedule, I’m a partner in a new business, and have a long list of household duties and social activities. Honestly, I don’t always put myself at the top of the list and at times life can feel hectic and even overwhelming. This is why getting on my yoga mat is so important to me.

Yoga is about bringing all various aspects of my “SELF” back to balanced harmony. Yes, I’m
stretching my muscles, tissues and getting deep into my joints. I’m also using my breath as a tool to move away from distracting thoughts and get some perspective on my life in that moment.

Yoga gives me time to consider what really matters; to breathe deeply and connect fully. A time to contemplate how I’ve been reacting and acknowledge the changes I desire in my life. My yoga practice reminds me of the power of gratitude and how worthy I am of this “ME” time. Not only do I feel better after the time I spend on my yoga mat, (even if it’s just 20 minutes), I show up more fully in all the other aspects of my life.

I’m a firm believer in “ME” time. So I would like to pose a question, when was the last time you had “ME” time? How can you make it a regular routine?

Spend 5 minutes sitting quietly with your eyes closed focusing on your breathe. How about go for a pedicure, or a nice walk on the beach. Try a yoga class or come back to a favorite activity of yours. Either way, spend time with yourself for yourself.

Lauren Roegele has been passionately involved in yoga since 2002. Having owned and operated a yoga studio in White Rock, B.C. for 4 years Lauren has built a strong reputation as the person to go to if you're a stiff athlete or recovering from an injury or illness. She has a deep connection to the healing benefits of a Yoga practice, and is passionate about facilitating the healing process.

From this passion, Lauren and a business partner have put together a website where anyone at anytime can participate in a yoga class all online. will launch in August 2011 and will allow unlimited access to pre-recorded yoga classes from some of the best yoga teachers in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can read more about Lauren at or check out her classes at
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