The Adventures of Care: Denman Island, BC

Adventures are one of my favourite things. Why? Because FUN is implied, excitement is expected, and time is spent with loved ones. I have had less adventures lately because I have been building my business. I decided I wanted to reignite this love for adventures. (Thanks to my business coach Sue Jordon – she rocks!).

My boyfriends family friends have a beautiful place on Denman Island. They offered us a weekend and we said yes! I had never been to Denman Island so I was really excited. For those of you who are not familiar with Denman Island, it is a small island off Vancouver Island. You take the ferry to Nanaimo (2 hours), then drive another hour and a bit to Buckley Bay, and take another ferry (20 mins) across to Denman Island. The whole trip took us about 5- 6 hours. We had AMPLE time to talk, laugh, eat and sing along to our favourite tunes.

On our way to Nanimo we saw a pod of dolphins…which was beautiful! It was just as the sun was setting coming into Nanaimo. The pod was fairly large and the dolphins jumped right out of the water and came splashing down. It was one of those times where I was too engrossed to grab the camera...I didn’t want to miss the experience.

Denman is a beautiful place. It is quaint, small, and QUIET. I couldn’t believe how QUIET it was!

We took our kayaks out on a rainy day and paddled to a small island which round trip took us 3 hours. We had two large sea lions, or seals (they were huge!) following us… We visited every single pottery gallery we could on the island - only to be amazed by Don Hutchins…who is an incredible potter - you have to see!

We even ran into a friend of a friend on this small little island!

While adventure was the name of the game, relaxation was the result- this little island is a gem of coastal BC!
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