The Hilarious and Beautiful...Loretta LaRoche...

Have you heard of Loretta LaRoche?

Well I'm pretty sure you are missing an important ingredient in your life! Listen up ladies... she is hilarious, beautiful...and to the point (blunt)! Maybe add a little crazy in there (which is why we all love her)!

I was lucky enough to attend The Power of Women in Vancouver Friday Aug 12th. I listened to amazing women speak about their lives and the important things they've learned.

Loretta LaRoche is an acclaimed "stress expert" and she has written numerous books.

LaRoche spoke on many ways to reduce stress. One of my favourite and shocking was when she said that we all need to "SHUT UP" every once in awhile...and we need to be able to say this to our friends, family, and ourselves! She talked about the ridiculous things we do go grocery shopping...fill the fridge with food...and then tell people not to eat the food because you just went shopping! Or when you clean the room or bathroom and you tell people not to use it because you just cleaned it! These are ridiculous - why do we let it add stress to our lives? LaRoche said, "LIGHTEN UP!! Don't take LIFE so SERIOUSLY!!" LaRoche says that when you think these ridiculous things...say it out loud even more ridiculously so that people think you are crazy and LAUGH. Example, "Don't eat that food because I want it to rot so I can throw it away"...this in turn makes you laugh at your own self for being so ridiculous!

One exercise she had us do was to hold on to our bellys...whatever we got down there (big or small)...and give some deep, loud, belly laughs!! We were then instructed to look at the person beside us and laugh right at their faces. I was sitting beside my mom, who took this exercise very seriously, and laughed as loud and as hard as she could! The minute we started I broke down in tears as my mom and I stared at each other laughing our faces off. What a fun and funny thing to do. I don't think one person in the audience didn't LOVE LaRoche's methods of releasing stress.

Laughing is FREE and FUN...and it is proved to reduce stress...TRY IT tonight!

Check out Loretta LaRoche's website here.
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