Old People Are Surprisingly Fun!

Yes...this is tongue and cheek...Of course I love old people!

This weekend I had such a great time in Summerland when I was visiting my grandma (who is an old person). She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time. We’ve all been worried about her, how she is doing and feeling, so we packed into two cars to spend the weekend with her.

Having not seen my grandma for a year or so, there were a few things I was reminded of and also impressed by…

First of all, my grandma is 79 years old, and she is a night owl! She stayed up later than all of us put together. While we yawned and gave the "ready for bed" look she never flinched! It’s impressive to me because I am used to my Nana, who always tells me how early she goes to bed and how she takes cat naps during the day.

My grandma is blunt and to the point! I love that the older you get, the less you care about what people think. For example, we were talking about how annoying a particular guest of hers was when they stay with her…she mentioned that this guest would bug my grandma for ice cream and dental floss…so my grandma said “you know, that useless stuff”! (I wish I could say that and get away with it around my family)!

Being in wine country (Okanagan) the family definitely had a few bottles at every dinner. I was very impressed with my grandma’s ability to have a few glasses of wine and not seeming to be tipsy at all!

Lastly, I mentioned earlier that my grandma is on her second time around with breast cancer. I'm mostly impressed by her loving character and her strength. She is strong, faithful, and incredibly caring. We are not her “biological grandchildren” (her grandchildren through marriage) and she absolutely loves us and treats us no different. That is truly the most impressive thing about her.

Yes...old people can be FUN!
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