Enthusiasm (guest blog by Lauren Roegele)

The beautiful and enthusiastic Stella!! 

Every time I come home after working, or running errands, my daughter Stella enthusiastically greets me, “MOMMY YOU’RE HOME!” as she runs full blast to my legs for a larger than life hug. I pick her up in my arms and she continues the warm embrace and I respond with a kiss. She’s 100% ecstatic that I’m home. I look forward to it every time.

It’s her Enthusiasm not just for me, but for life that inspires me today.

Swami Chidvilasananda writes in her fantastic book “Enthusiasm” that “Enthusiasm enables a person to realize his goal, when you become aware of your own great capacity for enthusiasm, you realize there is something sacred within you”. My daughter’s unconditional enthusiasm for me reminds me that I’m special and to acknowledge that.

Swami Chidvilasananda also reminds us in her book that we must develop a sense of awe and wonder for all forms of life to remain in our true enthusiastic state. 

Look back at what you’ve done today, how fortunate are you to have done what you’ve done. What a fantastic meal you had at lunchtime, I wonder what you will have for dinner. I wonder what my friend is doing tonight; I will call her and check in. How great it will be to talk. How amazing is it that I get some time to myself to play and be on the computer.

My daughter’s ability to be enthusiastic about my homecoming is natural to her. Instinctive! You have the same instincts, to discover the bliss within life, to make each moment count and to see beyond the worries and stresses of our western lives.  This will naturally invoke a deep longing to know and or experience life with ENTHUSIASM.

Try it today:

·         Show great wonder in your daily routine, be curious at the grocery store, be in awe of your food as you eat, or get excited about your drive to work and what the next moment will bring. It may feel false at first, but know that enthusiasm is contagious and will grow as you practice.

“Carry the wonder filled attitude into every moment, into every action, and you will experience your own boundless enthusiasm.”

written by Lauren Roegele 

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