Top Spots in Desolation Sound, BC

Recently visiting Desolation Sound, I found my top spots! If you ever get the chance, you must check them out.

1. Roscoe Bay
Sunset in Roscoe Bay
Roscoe Bay is a small fjord (long narrow inlet with steep sides created in a valley carved by glacial activity), located on the east side of West Redonda Island, in Desolation Sound.  With a quick 15 min hike to Black Lake for a fresh water dip, you can't resist to jump in! There is also approximately a 3.0 hour hike (round trip) up to the top of the island with the most spectacular view. This hike is not easy but it sure is stunning and worth every step. Here's the view from up top!
View from Hike at Roscoe Bay

Anchored at Melanie Cove

2. Melanie Cove in Prideaux Haven

Melanie Cove is a pristine kayaking spot. When there is low tide there is much sea life to be seen. The water is calm and you can find yourself paddling for hours! There are many books that write about Prideaux Haven so once you enter, you will find many American boats as it is a popular spot!
Kayaking around Prideaux Haven
 What are your favourite spots?
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