3 types of networks you need, today more than ever...

I find the greatest help in my life comes through the support from my friends, family, coach, mentors, and other instrumental people in my life. I stumbled upon this article from the Harvard Business Review a while back and was reminded Thursday (on Harvard Business Review Tip of the Day) about the top 3 types of networks that really make a difference in your life.

The first one is personal support. This would be those people who help pump you up if you are having a hard day, and ignite the passion or positivity back into your life. You can let your hair down and be yourself. These people are really important in your life. 

The second group is one that HBR calles purpose. These are clients, friends, or family who continue to remind you that there is a greater purpose in life. In work and in life, there is a bigger picture, and it is important to have people in your life in which you get this from. 

The last grouping is for those people who remind you to have a balance in your work and life. These are people who encourage you to get active, improve your physical health, mental health, spiritual health...or just plain FUN.

As you read the full article (link above), it encourages you to list these groups and the people you see in each one. Then it asks you, how many times does the same person appear in numerous lists. Does one person appear in all lists (ex. your spouse)? If so, you can start to see that you might be expecting too much from this one person, or you may be relying too much on this one person. It shows you the gaps you have in your network and the places were you can expand and invite new people into these areas.  

I did this with a friend of mine, Jason Suttie, and he said it was enlightening when you start to see the gaps. For both of us, we found it harder to find people that really gave us a sense of greater purpose in what we do (aside from family, kids, etc). 

I encourage you all to do this! Find out what your network looks like... I think you'll be surprised :) If you are not, it is always good to be grateful and thank those who really do make a positive impact in your life.

A BIG thank you to my sister (right hand side) who is a big supporter in my life!

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