7 tips to de-cancer your life!

I have heard WAY too many "cancer" stories lately.  Those you think are the nicest, sweetest, and the most healthy people, are ones diagnosed!

I grew up with a uber healthy mom, therefore I always thought I was pretty healthy myself. Then about 3 years ago I started getting an upset stomach, I had no energy, and my skin was horrible! Lucky for me, I played soccer with a fantastic Naturopath, Dr. Rachel Stewart practicing in White Rock, BC. She told me that this could be due to some food sensitivities. Her suggestion was to take a food allergy test and see what I could be sensitive to. It turns out I was allergic to DAIRY, WHEAT, SUGAR, COFFEE, EGGS... (felt like I was allergic to EVERYTHING!!)

At this point I just wanted to try something NATURAL so I decided to take all of these out of my diet for at least 9 months. If I could do 6 months I would be proud, if I could do 1 year I was a superstar!  An amazing thing happened after about 2 weeks...I started feeling amazing! Energy, vitality, healthy tummy...it was feeling really great. It really wasn't hard after that to stop for the full year.

So if you are ever wondering why I do so much gluten free (GF) dairy free (DF) blogging, it is because of this simple story above.

Now how does this relate to cancer you might be wondering?

Well a friend of mine read my blog on facebook and sent me a link to Kris Carr's blog on living a healthy life. About 8 years ago she was diagnosed with a rare cancer in stage 4 and has since been on a path of health, learning and blogging about many things.

About 10 days ago she blogged on the Oprah website 7 tips for complete wellness (that she has personally done). Go HERE to read her blog post.

Here are her 7 tips:
1. Eat no-spray or organic fruits and vegetables.
2. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet (alkaline diet).
3. Drink green veggie juices or smoothies and purified water.
4. Decrease your dairy consumption and other animal products.
5. No refined sugars.
6. Exercise! at least 4 days a week for 35 mins each...
7. Deal with the stress in your life! (Do yoga :) ) - my favourite tip of hers...

Remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson says, "the first wealth is health"!!

Happy Halloween everyone and don't eat too much of that candy!

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