Don't let your green tomatoes go!

This is a (tip) post for all you newbie green thumbs out there!

Being a new organic farmer this year I had a TON of tomato plants in my backyard. The idea was that I could eat them all summer long with nice salads and salsas. As many of you West Coast-ers know, the weather really pushed the growing season back (or at least it did for me).

I've learned many lessons since planting my veggie garden in year one...

#1: Make sure you have enough sunshine! 

Why? Tomato plants like a lot of sunshine...which is another reason why mine haven't done so well...they didn't get enough sun.... (thank you Lora Frost for that one)...

#2: If you are not sure what to do... ASK GARDENERS! 

Explaining my "issue" (that all my tomatoes were still in fact green and not ripe yet) to my boyfriends Mom, she kindly said, "don't let your green tomatoes go!" She instructed, "make sure you pick them and put them in a paper bag and they will ripen"... 

I have to be honest I thought that might be a magic trick... or that I'd need some sort of gardeners prayer to keep my tomatoes...

She was RIGHT! IT WORKS! So for all you tomato growers who have a lot of green tomatoes and you don't want to lose them to the fall weather... pick them now, put them in a paper bag...and check on them every couple of days... you'll be delighted with your results!

Check it... here are my green tomatoes earlier this week:
opening the bag to my delight! 
can see this one just turning colour
here it is in stages
Nothing quite like fresh garden tomatoes!

Pair these with a fresh bocconcini and basil or onions, cucumber, and bell peppers for a homemade greek salad... YUM!

Bon Appetite

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