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Hello again,
I posted an interesting article on Linked In the other day. It states that talking about money before you get seriously involved with another person, is key to a successful relationship. Christine Hart says, by date 10 you should be talking about money. The point of the article (my interpretation) is that money issues never go away, so it is important to figure out your "money compatibility" early. It can be a blessing in disguise.

While I LOVE this idea I don't think anyone has this talk...aside from my good friend Chantel, who would probably have this talk before accepting a date! LOL. I think many people might find this convo extremely uncomfortable because they were not used to talking about money around the table. For some, it is considered "rude" to talk about money, and for others it is second nature. Maybe, some people really don't care enough about money to base a relationship on it.

I think if you can at least find THAT out on the first couple of dates (how someone feels about "money") is a good step forward. Communication is KEY in relationships and money issues can be just another "stress" in which the communication lines need to be wide open.

If you feel (many people do) that you know NOTHING about money and therefore uncomfortable to talk about it...be mindful of this as well. I found that the more comfortable I was in a relationship, the easier it was to say, "hey, I don't know much about that...what is that...or how would I apply that to my situation"... To me, this is the IDEAL relationship - where both parties learn from the other. If you can have THIS type of conversation, I think you will have great SUCCESS and happiness.  

Recently, a sad story was told to me. A husband and wife lost their vacation home because of unaffordability. Many of you might be thinking...that's funny why would they buy something in the first place if they couldn't afford it? My thoughts were, why would they buy the Louis Vuitton purse, or the new face lift, if they cannot afford their house (yes I just wrote face lift). COMMUNICATION is so important!!! IF this vacation home was a great deal important to them, why not communicate the financial issues and come together as a family to work it out!

IF I was back in the dating world, this would be my #1 characteristic to look for... someone who is easy to communicate with and someone who is looking to put the family first, instead of themselves. What is more beautiful than that!

Did you have the money talk during the first 10 dates? If so, how did it go? or why NOT?

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