How can money help you live your best life?

I was talking to a friend on the phone when she mentioned that she was just diagnosed with the big c word...cancer...lymphoma, stage 3. Gulp. Asking more questions, all I could seem to think was, "that sucks". She is, sincerely, one of the nicest people I've met and has already had her own set of trials and tribulations before coming to this point in her life.

Last year, her, and her husband, bought a sunny vacation home... which they absolutely adore. They love it so much, I'm not sure if it wasn't for family, they would live their full time! Being in a sunny destination, soaking in the vitamin D, meeting new friends, being active, are just a few things that make them happy. They are loving their life, enjoying half their time at their vacation home, and half of it back here with family.

How does money fit in to this story?

Money is not the end all be all. Money, investments, finance... are the currency by which you enjoy your life. The best way to use money, is to use it in such a way that brings meaning to your life. The only catch is, you have to have money, to use it!

Think about what REALLY matters to you...
Family? Friends?
A good book and a bottle of nice wine?
Early retirement?

Everyone is different and unique. Think about what would make you happy. What does a perfect day look like? Now, what does it take to get there, financially? Is it a realistic goal?

Set up your financial PLAN for this 'best life' you envision.

As Oprah says, " the biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams". I couldn't agree more!
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