Latte Art

Since I was a little girl I've always loved the smell of coffee...mmm the aroma, the taste, and a nice hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning sure is the best.  Before I met my boyfriend, I didn't know what good coffee was.

I have learned a lot from Stu, but the one thing he hasn't taught me, is latte art.
When I went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Galaleo, in Britania Bay...they gave me my misto with the milk and espresso shaped as a leaf...
Talk about being enthusiastic...I was giggling like a 10 year old again!  Since then, I have marveled at the idea of recreating this with my home espresso machine. Thinking it was too tall of a task, I stumbled upon it one day.
I even made this with almond milk...

After watching a barista at Cafe Artigiano... I realized it's not about the's actually, how you pour the milk. Too my shock and awe, it isn't that difficult to pour milk :P

I easily made a heart and have yet to try the beautiful leaf. It must have looked pretty good because when Stuart came home he thought I used a spoon, or some sort of utensil, to make it.

If you have a curiosity for latte art...check out this quick 21 sec video on pouring a latte art leaf :)

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