Makin' Old Things New

From 2003- 2008 I lived in Calgary. I graduated from the University of Calgary and lived and worked for a few years after graduation. When I left Calgary to come back to my home town, I sold all my furniture. It can really start to add up when you want to refurnish your place. Embracing my inner "green," I have found it FUN in finding "old" furniture and putting some love and tenderness to make it look new. I love when older things add character to your room.

the new couch with my oak coffee table...perfect colour match!

Recently, a good friend from Toastmasters moved back to Arizona and gave me his custom made couch for free before he left. Having been looking for a new couch this was a perfect scenario. Taking it home, we definitely gave it some love... cleaned, vacuumed, and fixed up some spots...and perfecto! Super cute and COMFORTABLE couch. My next DIY (do it yourself) project will be to look at making some new decorative pillows to spice up the new couch! Any suggestions?

Some of our other good finds have been: a brand new Magic Bullet (I'm talking about the blender), retro chrome toaster, 2 lawn/patio chairs with fold out foot rests, and not to mention the many articles of clothing and accessories I have found at consignment stores in White Rock.

Do you have old things that you've made new? Send them to me and I will post for you on my blog!

Happy hunting...
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