The most adorable cat photos ever!

I am feeling really lovey-dovey today! It was not a surprise that when I looked on Pinterest I found the most adorable photos ever...I just have to share with you all... Pinterest is a great website if you are looking for a little inspiration! This is where I got all of my photos :)

My cat, "Blue" (named after the movie Old School - "you're my boy blue!") is such a great companion. He is the ultimate love cat... everyday when I get home from work he is purring and anxious to get some love.  Every morning I am greeted with a wet nose in my face and a loud purr. If it wasn't for my level headed boyfriend, I think I would probably be that crazy cat lady! Thank goodness...although these pictures below definitely make me want to get another kitten.

Check out the most adorable cat photos ever! Enjoy

Source: None via Ashleigh on Pinterest

Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest
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