New work photos...which one do you like the best?

In September we finally got updated work photos for our team! We had originally planned to get these done much earlier in the year and for some reason could never find the time for all 10 of us.  The hardest part was coordinating with the weather in White Rock, so we ended up booking the sunniest and hottest day in September... doesn't make for the best photos but AT LEAST we got 'em!!

Here are some of our favourites... which one do you prefer?

#1: A photo of the advisor team - starting left and going clockwise we have Clark (my dad), *me, Lois, Nancy (my mom), Norm, and Paul.
#2: the whole team! (starting left) Roz, Linette, Paul, Maureen, Clark, me, Abby, Nancy, Lois, Norm 
#3- The Partners...very serious... 
#4- Another team photo this time in a different spot! Love the ocean and sky as background here...
#5- The ladies of the office! A little girl power never hurt anyone :P

I think office photos are some of the hardest to do... you want an element of FUN (to show people you are human) and an element of professionalism (to show people you are good at what you do). There is a fine line and I hope we achieved it! What do you think?
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