Rihanna "We Found Love" - What a video!

I have to admit when I heard the song, Rihanna, "We found love" I was an instant fan. I am also a fan of Calvin Harris and I think when he collaborates with other artists he does such a great job, this song is no let down.

Somehow, I stubbled upon Rihanna's official music video for this song, which she just released today.

Go here to watch her official music video of "we found love" (scroll down to the middle of the article and you will be able to watch). 

Watching this music video I felt like I was watching a short film. It is really well done and I think Rihanna touches on a lot of really sensitive subjects (domestic abuse, alcohol, drugs), especially within the music industry. The famous sex, drugs, rock, and roll...isn't what it's cracked up to be. I found myself wrapped up in her story within the video. 

Have you seen the video? Do you think it is "too much" ... especially if young children watch it?

What are your thoughts? 

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