Servant leaders, a challenge

I have to share with you all, that I have had a fantastic week... FULL of inspiration! yes, you can call me a cheeseball. I just have to share with you some of the things that have inspired me recently, which I will post over the coming days.

Servant leadership:
Last week I was at the Prayer Leadership Breakfast at Gracepoint Church in Surrey, BC.  The breakfast was to honour and encourage the leaders in our communities (White Rock/South Surrey). The guest speaker was Dr. Don Page, who recently wrote a book on Servant Leaders. He has defined servant leaders as "one who prefers to serve rather then be served". Someone who invests in their people to make them successful, rather than thinking 'what's in it for me'. Many of the top companies in the world are run by servant leaders, you probably just don't know it.  He said one question you should ask yourself, if you are in a leadership position is, "for whose benefit do you serve?"
Wow, what a powerful question!

Thinking about servant leaders reminded me of my first boss when I was working at Canpages, (which is a phone book company). I was selling advertising for businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas in AB. Randy, my boss, would come early to the office every day with the most positive attitude in the world. He often made jokes to lighten the mood because most likely you had just gotten hung up on 10 times (cold calling is a tough job). He would go on sales calls with you, if you were nervous or new in the industry, and give all the commission to you if you sold the advertising. He was my biggest fan. No one was more happy when I made a sale than Randy (aside from myself). I still talk to Randy today as a friend, but also because he has made such an impact in my life. I remember when I left Canpages to come back to White Rock to start my investment career, I thought... I want to be like Randy! I want people to feel lifted up after talking to me. I want to be a positive light in this world, just like he was to me.

I challenge those of you reading this that are in leadership positions, think about the question Dr. Don Page asks, "for whose benefit do you serve"? If you have employees, think about how you can bring success to their life.
If it works for Starbucks, it will work for you!
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