Time for Popcorn

After a long day of meetings I find myself coming home and looking for snacks... by snacks, I mean some type of sweet...preferably chocolate or gummy candies if I have it. In an effort to #thinkfitness and eat a healthier snack I got a fantastic Cuisinart popcorn maker and use it all the time!  

I use coconut oil as the fat and organic white popcorn (from the same place we get all our whole grains).
It's really simple...just add the oil and your kernels and press on! (Cuisinart makes this so simple)
Because the popcorn rotates evenly, you get the perfect bowl of popcorn every time...with every kernel cooked!
My recipe.... add a touch of melted butter, salt, and agave nectar for a light kettle corn!

Now it's time to relax, settle down on my new couch, and watch the latest episode of Modern Family followed by Glee!

What's your favourite late night snack?

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