Walnut & Goat Cheese Crusted Salmon

Recently my boyfriend came home with 10 fresh big fish, many of which were Sockeye Salmon... and for the past few weeks now, we have been eating salmon non stop (I'm not complaining)! 

As much as I love salmon on its own, I need some new recipes...something that keeps me interested in it. Tonight, I decided to get a little creative and use some simple things in my fridge...
walnuts and goat cheese!

It's pretty simple too... first, preheat the oven to 375. I use parchment paper on my pans for ease of clean up. 

Now, lightly season the salmon with salt and pepper.
Add your goat cheese, crumbled on top. 
Finish off with lightly ground walnuts to cover the salmon. ** This is where you can substitute with almonds if you prefer. Press the walnuts gently into the salmon to keep it from falling down the pan.

Bake into the oven at 375 degrees for about 15 mins. 

Check out my plates that are 20 years old (or more)- a gift from my Aunt - she never used!

When finished garnish the salmon with fresh green onions on top.

Serve with a side of fresh veggies!  

On our plate we have carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and yams! 

Now eat and enjoy! Nothing better than fresh salmon with a easy, simple, twist...

Bon App├ętit 

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