Are you sick of the gym? 3 tips to keep you fit

I have a confession - I am sick of the gym! Lately I find it to be so boring! Once September rolls around and soccer season starts back up again, I find myself focusing more on soccer and less on the gym.  Tonight, I am proud to say I got my butt to the gym. I am not proud to say, I felt like a lost puppy.  I hadn't stepped foot inside the gym for 7 weeks and I had no idea what to do. Warm up? Weights? Squats? Lunges? Abs???

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What I really wanted to do was to practice my handstand! I wanted to do some yoga, stretch, and build my strength for yoga. The question do I do this without feeling like people are staring at my butt while I bend down to touch your toes. I secretly wish there was a quiet secluded area in my gym for this exact purpose.

So if you are like me and are not feeling the gym... try some of these tips I do to keep fit outside the gym:

1. Do an activity you LOVE!  Cycling, running, sports (rock climbing, soccer, baseball)... GO DANCING! Skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding...these are great activities that are incredibly good workouts. If you don't have an activity, try a few until you find the one you love. My coworker who just retired, is 65 and JUST found ZUMBA! She says it is the most fun she has ever had. My favourite is soccer.

2. Get outside! Fresh air in the winter or summer does a lot of good for your body. One of my favourite things is going for a long walk with my family and friends. If it is cold during the winter I wear warm clothes and it is not a problem at all. * Try to go up the big hills in your area to get the best workout and make sure you walk at a brisk pace.

3. Stay inside! Say you have kids and you are the primary care cannot leave the house. Try doing yoga or pilates - get a mat and get on the ground. There are quick and simple exercise video's you can buy or rent that are effective tools. Or try having a dance party with your kids!

The most important aspect is stay healthy. It is so much easier to maintain your health and fitness than it is to "get back into it," so whatever you do make you are you keeping up with your fitness goals and abilities.

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