Cheer up your Office or Home with These do it yourself posters

Hello Friends!

POSITIVE energy and INSPIRATION are key in motivating your office and keeping your home a place of peace.

My co-worker, Linette and I, are OBSESSED with positive and motivational quotes. We can't get enough! She has been compiling a list for awhile now and it's over 100 pages long! Linette has been emailing out a quote everyday throughout the week. Over a year ago we decided to create an inspiration jar for the office. It is simply a jar filled with little fortune cookie like inspirational quotes for the day. MUCH better than candy right?

In my travels on Pinterest, I found a new office and home inspiration poster.

Check them out below and tell me what you think!

Are you going to do one?

Free Positive Thoughts poster... you can take more than one :) Have fun with it.

Ladies love a good compliment...

Sometimes you have to honour what your body, mind, and soul NEED...

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