Christmas Wreaths: Where did they come from?

These days it is getting more and more obvious that Christmas is coming. YEAH! I love Christmas. Not just because of the presents, I love the attitude and energy that floats around during this time. The lovely decorations and lights, and the kindness others give away is incredible. Recently, I've been infatuated with wreaths. I seem to find these pieces of circular decoration fascinating. What is the symbolism of these beautiful decorations that we all hang on our front door without even considering it??

SO I did a little digging on Google and here's what I found out (it may or may not be true based on the reliability of my sources):

  • Wreaths were originally used in Germany in December as a sign of hope and renewed light for the coming spring. 
  • Christian's continued on this symbolism in celebrating the life of Jesus Christ and his everlasting and eternal life. (link)
  • The circle represents eternity and life within the winter which can seem so "dark".
 Do you hang a wreath and do you do it for any symbolic meaning?

Today, wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. Check out some of these great photos of Christmas wreaths below. Which one is your favourite?

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