Dear Monday...

In my travels on Pinterest I found this cute letter to Monday... you know Monday -  your favourite day of the week.

Hmm... isn't this the day people dread? Isn't this the day we want to happen so quickly and then start to look forward to Friday again. Oh Friday...the fun day.

It is so easy to rush through a day.

It's so easy to give no thought or even consider any of the "great" or "good" things that happened.

Isn't it funny how inspiring kids can be in our lives. Kids are our best reminders of communicating not only to others but to ourselves. If there is something a child likes and wants, they will go to the "enth" degree to get it (at least this is true for my niece).

Today I am here to shake up your Monday Blue's. When you wake up on Monday, consider the one thing you really like to happen. Then at the end of your day on Monday, take the time to reflect on the 3 things that you are grateful for.  I find this most effective to write it down because you can later look back at all the AWESOME things in your life.

Why do I recommend this?

When I was living in Calgary I went through a time where I was confused and unhappy.

My wise older sister encouraged me to start a gratitude journal (with the instructions as I have outlined above).

I wrote in a gratitude journal religiously for 2 years and that alone was instrumental to my current mindset. The use of daily gratitude allowed me to see what I had right in front of my eyes. I was naturally a positive person, but I needed to LEARN and teach my mind to SEE the beauty that was in front of my eyes everyday. It's a gift, that's why they call it the present.  On your way to work you can admire the beautiful fall leaves blowing in the wind. If you have a friend who emails you funny jokes - you can count that as an blessing in your life - friendship and laughter.

That's how I beat my Monday Blues... TRY it!! 

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