Financial Education: What does it mean when you buy Shares or Stock?

How's your Financial Education?

When you talk about investing it isn't uncommon to get a look of worry or a look of confusion when you start to talk about financial matters with others. You see, there are people who have been investing for a long time and have a love and an interest for it. Naturally, when you love something or find it interesting, you WANT to learn more about it. If you are not fond of something, it takes much longer. However, there is hope!  You CAN learn through osmosis. Meaning, the more you do it, the more conversations you have, the more it starts to stick...until it sort of makes sense.

Recently, my coworker, Norm, shared this fantastic website called the Khan Academy. It has TONS of educational videos (free) for our learning purposes.

Today, I wanted to share with you an introductory video called: What it means to buy a company's stock.

This is part of a finance 101 education. If you don't know what a stock is...don't feel ashamed! Just click the above link for more information and consider yourself converted!

Source: via SAM on Pinteres
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