Happy World Kindness Day

Did you know today is world kindness day?

I didn't... now that I do... I can't be mean - and neither can you!  Shucks - I know....
So what can we do to spread kindness today?

Here are three tips I think will make your day extra kind.

1. Be Nice!
         That means on the road, at home with your family - take the extra time needed to be patient.

2. Do something you know another person loves.
         For me- my boyfriend LOVES my baking...some sort of treat - cookies, cake, brownies, muffins... as long as they are sweet he is happy. This takes me 30 mins and can be some kindness today.

3. Do something YOU love - yes YOU!
         We often put other people ahead of ourselves (pets, children, spouse) take this day to be REALLY kind to yourself. Say nice things and do something for you. (Luckily, I love sweets too!)

I have to admit - I have been craving a hot fudge sauce and lucky me I found one! I think I'm going to be kind to myself - after 2 soccer games today I am going to eat a little something with hot fudge on it!

What are you going to do?

for the recipe - click here
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