Inspiration for me...inspiration for you...

Hello everyone, here are a few things I wanted to share with you this weekend - what are inspiring me! Whether it is a DIY projects, cooking, shopping, or enjoying quality time I hope you all spend this weekend doing the things you love most!

Keep your mason jars and jam jars. Reuse them and put these things in jars! check out this incredible link with over 10 uses for your "old" mason jars. Love the drink idea at the very end. What's your favourite?

I've been looking for grey boots for work and I just found these... if anyone knows where to buy them please let me know. Found on pinterest.

Some DIY fun around the house. Inspiration in every room when you turn on the light... absolutely love this idea!

Dinner options this weekend - salad and chicken squash stew...

                          Read a good book!!

Lastly - Saturday movie with my Niece - Stella
Source: via Li on Pinterest

          Have a great weekend everyone!
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