mmm Coffee!

So I have the morning off! My soccer was cancelled due to the rain (will wreck the grass fields) and I had the chance to sleep in...well sort of.

Funny how the first thing I want on a cold day when I wake up is coffee. There is something about the aroma, the taste, the warmth that just starts your morning off right. My mom is a coffee lover to say the least. She loves good fresh coffee (who doesn't)! Since I was a young girl, whenever my mom ran errands she always stopped for a coffee. It didn't have to be fancy, could be Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or a local coffee shop. Since I was little I've always loved coffee. I wasn't "allowed" to drink it, but I would smell the coffee beans and sometimes I could drink a mocha.  I was never sure if this was genetic...passed down from my mom, or my own personal taste.

Today, my boyfriend is a bigger coffee fanatic than my mom. For Christmas last year I bought him an espresso machine. Here are a couple photos of me making my Americano this morning. Two shots of espresso with hot water.

Just the espresso in the cup! 

The Americano complete... delicious! 

Drinking out of your favourite cup always helps as well! This one was made by my boyfriends mom who is a really talented potter and it is my favourite mug. Pottery keeps your coffee warm longer as well!

What are your favourite coffee beans to drink?
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