Other inspirational blogs out there!

Hello Friends!

There are incredible blogs out there! I am amazed and blow away by the amount of talented people we have in this world. Today I want to share the love :)

Here are some of my favourite blog posts this week:

Fresh Food Recipes:

  • Kale and Lentil Dal - Not only is this tasty but it is also healthy when you start to add in your veggies, ginger, turmeric and cayenne...start to feel the anti-inflammatory foods work in your body and enjoy the food at the same time. My kind of dinner!

Practical use/Fresh Food Tips:

  • Breakfast on the Go! A unique post on a simple and effective way to take your breakfast on the go and yummy too! I will use this tip many times I'm sure of it. 

Financial Facts and Fun:

  • Boomer and Echo - a popular blog that teaches and writes on all things finance. This post was called "Does your job define you" and it speaks to why North American's work so hard and take work home with us all the time. 
Yoga - Health and Fitness:

  • Top Five Tuesdays - Yoga Journal Blog  - listing the top 5 ways yoga helps keep your immune system strong during the flu season. All the more reason to stay on the mat. Namaste. 
  • Chad Howse Fitness - check out one of my favourite posts Chad writes about adversity in his family, dark vs. light, and how those dark moments are learning opportunities. This is a must read. Called:  "We Are Exactly Where We're Supposed To Be".

Have a favourite blog posts you think I'd like? Send them to me at carehanna@gmail.com or post the link below in the comments section.

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