Values... what do you want to pass to your children?

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One definition of a "value" is a preference for an appropriate course of action or outcome. Values reflect a person's sense of right and wrong - what they think is "supposed" to be or to happen. 

Like it or not, our parents are the single biggest influencers in our lives.  They are followed by school and religion, to be the next biggest influences.  Morris Massey says from birth to age 7 children are the most easily "imprinted". From 8 years old to 14 years old children often model their parents. And up to the age of 21, young people are socializing and vocalizing their personal values. We know that when it comes to money and finance habits, children learn these from their parents.

What are your values? Do you know what you are passing down to your children/family?

It is true we all have good and bad values from our parents. How many times have you thought about the values you have that you WANT to pass to your children (or nieces, nephews). How often have you thought about the values you DON'T want to pass along to them.

For the past year my mom has been taking Family Business Planning at UBC Sader School of Business. At this past Sunday dinner, she asked us all a simple question on values. She mentioned from a family business perspective, understanding values is an integral part of transitioning  business. She asked us the simple question just out of curiosity: what values have you learned that you want to pass along to your family, and what values do you not want to pass along? 

In our answers, loyalty, respect, community (giving back), family first, honesty, open communication, all came up (to name a few).  Each of us answered one by one. 

Often, we forget about our values. Even more so the values that don't mean a lot to us.

Why is this so important? Values generate our behaviour.  They are the reasons we do what we do! They will influence our attitudes....the attitudes of your children and their families.

My challenge to you all in relationships and those of you who have families. Ask the same question tonight! It is an incredibly insight into the lives of those you love so much.   

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