Write before you eat!

Alright...this is too funny so I thought I would share it with you - my new healthy eating tips... writing before you eat! 
Source: flickr.com via Emily on Pinterest

Here's the story.  Yesterday, I wrote about world kindness day and I said, now that you know there is a kindness day, you have to be kind to yourself. In my case, I gave the example that I would treat myself to some delicious chocolate fudge (show myself some kindness - or so I thought).

I've been working on NOT eating too many sweet things. Why? No - not because I am waiting to pack it on at Christmas, but because I have read too many articles that show the detrimental effects sugar has against your body fighting the flu. Seeing that I didn't get the flu shot this year and my office will kill me if I get sick, I've been working on building UP my immune system. As long as I can break the "sugar cycle," I stop craving it.

(Some background) I am by no means a crazy healthy person who never eats anything bad. I actually grew up in a household who ALWAYS had candy and sweets around. It was second nature to have dessert after dinner (or lets face it - lunch too). Dessert being chocolate, candies (like the ones you get at the corner store), and/or ice cream. I NEVER willingly opted for the orange slices, grapes, apples, or other delicious (and yes sweet) fruit...until I started writing about it....how ironic!!!  

So back to kindness day - chocolate fudge...mmmm! Still sounding delicious.... Here I am writing about chocolate and thinking- "Care show yourself some KINDNESS " .... indulge. After writing my blog I thought... kindness to me is also feeding it what it REALLY WANTS. You see, my body loves chocolate, but well...it hates dairy. I have a love hate relationship with dairy. My thought process was - you CAN'T have chocolate fudge without good ol' fashion ice cream. In being kind, I decided against the ice cream, hot fudge yummyness, and I went with an apple.

Shocking- I know!  I felt great though and my immune system is thanking me as we speak.

Writing about your thoughts and really CONSIDERING what you do before you do it, is an incredibly helpful tool. And you know what? The same thing applies for your finances.  Next time you are at the till wanting to purchase the next whatever, take some TIME to CONSIDER what it is you actually NEED.

Take 24 hours and if you still want what you so desperately sought after.... consider that some self-kindness!
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