5 Easy To Make and Store Snacks

Snacks are my favourite... often I opt for more snacks over a full meal. It's probably not a great addiction - snacks aren't cheap and they aren't so good for you! If you read any health books they always tell you to shop the perimeter of the grocery store because all of the snacks in the middle have added preservatives for shelf life. Snacks get a whole lot healthier when you make them yourself. They also become cheaper.

If you are like me, here are 5 easy to make and then store snacks for your eating pleasure. All of the links can be found through my pinterest link below the photos.

First check out Bake Zucchini Chips  - Make sure your oven is nice and hot!! 425 degrees.

Here's another good one - Roasted Chickpeas - need your favourite sweetener and salt! (so simple)

For a delicious yet healthier alternative to sweets - try this Frozen Banana with peanut butter dipped in chocolate! Brilliant!

No Bake bites are the best! Delicious and healthy. Here is one type - I prefer to add dates, walnuts, and coconut to add to the flavour. I also use maple syrup instead of honey because of my Canadian roots :)

Lastly - Coconut Granola! Yes... you may be seeing a theme here... coconut.
I admit it- I love coconut. Fresh is best I have to say, but I will take it any way. Granola is not just for the hippies you know. It is so easy to make and you end up making BIG BIG batches at a time. Easy for a quick breakfast!

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