Are you 50 and started your own business?

Do you ever wonder if you are too late or old to start a business?

I have met many middle aged folks who have followed their hearts and dreams to find the right career that suits them. One of them is my father - he is a true entrepreneur. He will read an article in the paper and see a need or demand and think of ways in which to access this demand through his niche market.  This is not work for him but more!

In my reading on the internet I happened to find this interesting article from Financial Post on "How to Make a Fortune after 50". Click here to read it.

It tells the stories (short) of others who have done the same thing and have been very successful at it. Their advice and stories are so intriguing.

If you are looking for something motivational to read to kick start your business for 2012 check out the article!

Here are a couple of other articles I've read that you may find interesting as well:

Thinking of new ways to take your clients out - try this: Taking a Client to the Gym for Networking written by the NY times.

Did you get a bunch of gift cards for the Holidays? check out some tips on how not to overspend and what to do here.

Here is one of my favourite quotes... author unknown.
Source: via Molly on Pinterest
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