Celebrating the Holidays with your Best Girls!

Each year my close group of girlfriends celebrates Christmas together by getting together for dinner drinks and a secret santa exchange.  We often tie in a bake exchange however there were some mishaps this year! Two of us forgot!!

My girlfriend Britt who blogs at Vanilla & Lace was our hostess this year. She had a yummy dinner and a hot cocoa bar as our treat. She is a little Martha Stewart - check out what she set up for us and her beautiful Christmas Tree. How do you get a Christmas Tree so perfect?

Cup's available to buy at Posh Shop in Surrey B C

Spending time with your girlfriends is the best. We have to book almost a month in advance to set up these events otherwise we get too busy and don't make time for each other.

I encourage all of you to get together with your girls (this post is for the ladies)! You share good times and bad times and give incredible support to one another. We laughed so hard and danced till the wee hours of the morning.  Memories like this will stay with me forever.

Here are some things we do to make it fun:

1. Christmas Secret Santa - put everyone's names in a hat and you each choose a name. Whoever's name you pick that is the person you get a gift for.

Make sure to set a price limit and keep it a secret!! That is all the fun of it.

2. Christmas Bake Exchange - everyone make a baking dish for the other parties in your group. When you exchange everyone should leave with some of everyone else's. For our group of 4 that meant we all left with 3 goodies.

Check out some of our Holiday Treats for your baking pleasure!
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