Cheap Treats! Peppermint Bark Recipe

I post a lot of recipes on my blog... you may be thinking that I just love to cook/bake. Well I do, but that hasn't always been the case. In my family - my mum is the best baker and my sister is the best chef. So between the two of them I don't stand a chance (nor do I have to do much aside from dishes). When I first moved out to the University of Calgary, I quickly realized cooking was WAY cheaper than eating out.  My budget, back in those days, was $1000 month. This included rent, utilities, insurance, gas, groceries, and entertainment. Sometimes I think back and wonder how I ever did it.

How did I do it? VERY CAREFULLY! 

My recent post on Holiday Treats outlined the infamous "baking day."  Before I had thoughtlessly bought Purdy's chocolates as Christmas presents. I realized after baking day how much better home-made treats can be. It tastes better and it's better on your wallet. I now realize why my girlfriends mum used to make treats like this every Christmas.

These 7 treats cost us each about $70 dollars and we all had 7 HUGE dishes to take home. All of the ingredients were organic, grass fed (eggs), gluten free flours, good quality chocolate... etc. I had 2-3 bags of goodies to take home and definitely needed extra hands to bring the goodies back with me.

Check out the below photo of the 7 items we baked.

You've got (from the top left) raw macaroon, sugar cookie, coconut chocolate chip cookie bar, caramel and chocolate covered pretzels, lemon squares, chocolate covered liquorice, and peppermint bark.  All gluten free except for the sugar cookies.

Probably the cheapest and the easiest to make was the Peppermint Bark.

There are 3 ingredients and about 3 steps!

- 1 large block of dark/milk chocolate (whichever you prefer)
- 3 bags of white chocolate
- 1 box of candy canes (can use nuts if you prefer this instead)

Unwrap your candy canes and break them up. Put in a blender or food processor to really get them fine.

Melt your milk/dark chocolate over the stove. Have one pot full of water only (set high to boil) then place the other pot inside the water and the chocolate inside that pot so it will not get wet. Click here to read more.

Pour this melted chocolate over a pan wrapped in aluminium foil. Leave to harden. We put outside in the cold air - you can also place in the freezer.

Melt your white chocolate and place this on top of your dark chocolate.  Mix in your candy canes or nuts into the white chocolate and then pour on top. Leave this to harden in the freezer or outside in the cold.

Then take out and break apart into small bite size pieces.

THAT's it friends!

This is a great gift and stores well. Try it!
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