Christmas in the Office!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! 

If you are like me and spend a lot of time at the office how can you make Christmas fun and special even in the office... here are some ideas that we do that will hopefully inspire you to spread the love in the office! (Without having to get gifts)...

Christmas Decorations:

- Christmas Tree - do you have an extra Christmas Tree you don't use? Bring it to the office and set it up for the month of December. If you don't have any extra decorations try doing fun decorations like this: Here you can see myself, my dad and my mom's photo's on gingerbread like decorations (homemade!!)

Give to other people as a group:

Each year our office pools our money together (instead of getting gifts to each other or to clients) we give to those in our neighbourhood that have absolutely nothing. Matt in our office buya a whole bunch of warm clothes and accessories: hats, gloves, scarfs galore! It always keeps our frame of mind right when we give to others who cannot give back to us in return.

Try one of these ideas this year!

What do you do to incorporate Christmas in your office or work space?
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