Good old comfort food!

Over Christmas I was in sunny Palm Desert (Southern California)...and when I returned it was cold, dark, and rainy in beautiful BC!

Upon my return I was greeted with a little baby cold/flu. Which means is not as bad as I make it out to seem, but I still complain.

I find myself attracted to the many comfort foods that I love:

Check out some of my new favourite winter time recipes I have found and made. They are delicious and taste even better!

#1. First off is my version of a Cream of Broccoli soup. Being dairy free I often find myself missing that good creamy taste, however this version what I lacked in cream, made up for in spices and flavours. DELISH!

From the gluten free goddess Karina (love her)...

#2. Next on the list are Beet Chips.

I was eating an incredible Beef Carpaccio at Beecher Street Cafe in Crescent Beach Surrey BC and found these Beet Chips on top to be a yummy, healthy, and added flavour and texture to the dish. Sweet from the beet juice these are a must try and would go nice with the Soup above or as a healthy snack.

Source: via Care on Pinterest

#3. GOOD OLD Bean Dip! 

Source: via Care on Pinterest

This comes from the Pioneer Woman blog. I first ran into this blog a while back and then a friend of mine kept bragging about the food she blogged. She said her parents are even addicted to the blog and I knew I had to keep my eye on it. Good thing I did... because this looks yummy! 

Bean dips are my ultimate comfort food. Paired with a simple salad this is an example of my dinner. Maybe not as healthy as it should be...a nice Friday night treat. 

Next time your feeling in the dumps - try one of these comfort food recipes and I'm sure you'll feel better. To get the recipes click on the photo to go to the direct website.  

What's your favourite comfort food? 
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