Holiday Treats

This weekend I had WAY too much fun having a baking party with some girlfriends (and some boys did come and help). We ended up making 7 desserts - we quadrupled the recipe so we all had enough to take home... and now I have a fridge full of goodies!! ... Hey, I'm not complaining!

This is us making our pretzel's... first step caramel...second step choco! 
Everything was gluten free aside from the sugar cookies (we just didn't think it would taste the same).

Here are some of the things we made:
1. Chocolate covered Licorice
2. Pretzels coated in caramel and then dipped in chocolate! (my fav)
3. Lemon Squares
4. Chocolate Coconut Cookie Squares (from Gluten Free Goddess website)
5. Raw Macaroons
6. Peppermint Bark
7. Good Old Sugar Cookie

Since completing this tall task of our baking weekend - I found some really cute holiday treats on Pinterest I just have to share with you all... check out these delicious and festive treats.

Tis the season!

Santa Hat Brownies

Christmas baking is often the cause for added pounds around the holidays. This next treat is a healthy yet delicious alternative!

Source: via Care on Pinterest

On Christmas morning we always eat yummy breakfasts - here is one healthy recipe getting your vegetables in! Use green and red peppers for the Christmas colours.

Source: via Care on Pinterest

Here is a convenient breakfast option from our gal Martha Stewart - something the boys in my family would love! Especially the bacon part...

What are you making for the holidays?
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